Hiya, I teach women over 40 the New Formula for Fat Loss so they can live life in their best body yet.

Learn the proven system behind all my clients incredible transformations.

Coach Jordanna

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Coaching for women who want to work smarter not harder.

So, what does that mean for you?

I’m going to teach you WHY.

Most people fail because they follow an unsustainable plan without knowing WHY they’re doing what they’re doing.

You'll always know the 'why' behind your nutrition, training and any teachings shared with you. This knowledge lasts long after our work together ends.

I’m going to train you!

Today women are waking up to the fact that we lose bone density and precious muscle mass as we age. It’s muscle that creates the beautiful hourglass shape you're after. Strength training is the key to your results.

We’ll sculpt your body not just to look good but to have endless energy to own your day. You’re going to tap into your energy like never before.

You're gonna transform ;)

Let's be honest, everyone wants to look good. You'll carry yourself with newfound confidence as a result. You’ll wear what you love and not think twice.

Then - you'll start setting bigger goals and do the things you've always wanted, because your mind, body and lifestyle will help you get there.

I'm ready to Get Sculpted.

You know...I've been where you are.

Welcome, I'm Coach Jordanna! I was once a down and depressed new mom who felt stuck in endless diets, always starting Monday and terrified I'd pass along my horrible relationship with food and body image to my daughter.

After going through my own body transformation, becoming an Eating Psychology Coach, NASM Trainer and Nutrition Coach, I've been honing my transformation system for the past 10 years. I help women everywhere build their best bodies and live their best lives while still enjoying their favourite foods, wearing their favourite clothes and spending less time in the gym than ever before.

Are you ready to Get Sculpted with me?

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Real Client Results

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I'm ready to Get Sculpted.

Just a few more real client results

Coach Jordanna has helped me learn how to fuel my body properly. I have learned to love my body and know that it is capable.

I have learned how to cook more delicious food and that I actually crave healthier options!


Coach Jordanna has given me a better relationship with food and has encouraged me to push myself in the gym.

I never really understood that this could be an option for me. I enjoy posts and zoom calls helping me learn ways to implement healthy living in daily busy lives. Prepped meals are a life saver


She's helped me in so many ways!!

The obvious is nutrition and exercise, but more importantly just how much the mental aspect has influenced my life decisions and overall fitness and health.


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Now it's your turn!

Take the next step towards building your best body yet.

If you'd like to get a glimpse into my my coaching style, CLICK HERE to access The Vault of resources my clients use to get incredible results, over $3000 worth of masterclasses, guides and bonus tools, free.

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